Wir machen Hosen

Ulrike and Christoph are our immediate neighbours and supply us every week with the most beautiful flowers. Since 1992 they have been growing flowers for cutting, potted plants and herbs in Zinna/Teltow-Fläming under certified organic conditions. They are located in the Markthalle 9, at the Chamissomarkt and Thursday and Friday in the shop on Fürbringerstrasse.

Katy Jung works in Berlin Prenzlauer-Berg. She makes white porcelain with fine lines. “The demanding material demands all the attention and time it takes. Nothing can be hurried or speeded up.” Katy’s cups fit incredibly well in your hand and feel almost “soft” to the touch. We can’t do without them anymore.

We couldn’t pass up these lamps – Yvonne has one of Stefi’s yellow lamps and Tina has a green kitchen lamp. Stefanie Treiber refines high quality enamel lamps from old factory stocks with gold and copper patina to create impressive unique pieces. She makes these wonderful lamps when she is not presenting at the German radio station WDR.

If you know us you also know Marianna Deri from Düsseldorf. We love both her and her collection. Her highly wearable blouses are to die for and her wrap dresses look great over our HighSlim Jeans. The big prints on her skirts are very special pictures – Frida Kahlo, Emma, Hanna and much more

South of Berlin, in Baruth, Karina blows wonderful glass in bright, rich colours. These glasses bring us great joy at home – every day. At trade fairs her stand is always a highlight and we simply cannot leave home without one of Karina’s glasses.

Elke knits wonderful colour combinations and unusual patterns with depth. She knits in form, which means “as if by hand” and connects the individual pieces together. Her sweaters and jackets are always striking, visually as well as to the touch. We wear her jackets every day – you really feel as though they embrace you.

Glass design handmade – or better said – mouth-blown in Karlsruhe. These are the “softest and finest” glasses we have ever held in our hands. Each glass has its own unique shape and a glowing drop in the middle. Star gastronomy has also discovered Borosi glass or Michael has discovered star gastronomy for his product – that’s probably more likely.

Our friend Bernhard makes wonderfully soft leather bags. We both carry a bag from NOTO – a very small one and a very big one, how could it be any other way. The small bag Nobiko is a wonder of space and the big bag Chika is like a magic cylinder – everything fits in but not everything comes back out.

Nika Stupica makes fine, light and handy porcelain. Without her cups, the first morning coffee is unthinkable. Nika lives with her family in Slovenia. We have known each other for years and always have a great time together. She travels a lot at sales events, check out FB or Instagram.

Mr. Schaumlöffel makes “soulful products” with his partners, as he says, and that’s true. We visited Georg in his shop in Bamberg. He makes hats, shirts, trousers and even self-designed loungers in cooperation with craftsmen. Georg is curious and has many ideas – no journey is too far for him to go. He travels to Japan for handwoven fabrics and to Russia for felted shoes.

Glamour for the home. We got to know Andrea at the IHM fair in Munich. She fell in love with our pants and we fell in love with her porcelain. She forms her golden bowls by hand out of limoge porcelain and we love them. Her bowls look especially great on top of our old radio.

PUGNAT stands for sophisticated knitwear. Stitch by stitch, row by row, and with her unmistakable and poetic sensibility, the designer Antje Pugnat tells a story of feminine beauty and subtle sexiness.Since having established her studio in the centre of Berlin, Antje has spun her own vision of thick, voluminous pure cashmere hand-knits.

We never want to go without the amazingly soft blankets from Natalie’s shop, the Blanket Store, in Frankfurt Main. We especially love the blankets made with Kashmir wool, which are so soft you can hardly believe it!

Stilfser Bergkräuter (Stelvio Mountain Herbs), this is the name of the small herbal tea company run by Siegi Platzer and Traude Horvath in South Tyrol.

These are the company’s founders, Amadeus and Marc. Their olive oil is truly a pleasure. A baguette, salt, pepper and this oil – that’s really all you need to create an amazing taste sensation. The oil is pressed from the small green Koroneiki olive which is considered as one of the best olives in the world for making oil. The oil is distributed in Berlin.

Marcus Priester is the man behind INDNAT, the one-man workshop where he designs, creates and sells pants, jeans and shorts. Originally from Munich, he currently runs his workshop in Poblenou, a former industrial district in Barcelona. Currently, his collection consists almost entirely of organic cotton.

Angela Schlösser from Hamburg creates and sells design products…simply take a look and let yourself be dazzled by such an array of beautiful things.

Julia Lipinsky lives and works in Berlin. With much care and love she creates objects, forms and art from various textiles—everything from usual objects to artistic work from the field of soft art.

Artshock is run by Bernd Dreßen from Cologne. He designs his shoes and has them made as limited editions by a small family company in Italy. The leather is tanned without the use of pollutants and feels incredibly soft and comfortable, even when wearing the shoes without socks. Since Bernd’s background is in theatre, his models have names like Dido or Medea.

Ulrich Welter founded Berliner Manufaktur over 30 years ago. Ever since he and his team of designers and product developers have created high quality and innovate wall coverings with great passion and endless creativity. All wall papers and wall covering are made in Berlin.

Julia M. Langstein from Hannover is a rug maker. We got to know her better at the TIM fair in Augsburg. Julia truly paints with thread and makes each piece individually, including many one-of-a-kind pieces. To make the pieces, she stands on an elevated platform and “staples” the needle and thread onto the “canvas” with a compressor.