About Us

Our team, our size chart and our special cut.
Here we would like to introduce ourselves.

zehnle von langsdorff
–this is us

Tina Zehnle, Yvonne von Langsdorff, Birgit Rehberg and Hong Pham Thai

zehnle von langsdorff

Our size chart

90 – 60 – 110
A nice problem

6000 Women

We have measured over 6000 women since 2003. And we can say: we have seen every female figure - we had the unique opportunity to measure every conceivable body shape.

Real body shapes

In contrast to industrial production, we always orient ourselves to the real body shapes and postures of our customers.


The ideal in every size

Thanks to our customers, we were able to develop each size individually. With us there is no such thing as an "ideal size" - there is an ideal in every size.


Our Cut

Why our pants fit as beautiful as they fit 

The Division into Three Parts

Our jeans have three pieces per leg - because people not only consist of a front and a back, but also have a side. The side part gives us the opportunity to follow the different body shapes much more precisely than trousers with just one side seam.

The Result

Nothing pinches the bottom anymore, the crotch remains hidden and the stomach looks flat because we have created enough space between the legs with the three-part division. Due to the more side seams, the legs appear beautifully long, the pockets are in the front of the seam. The side part mediates between the front and back parts, making it possible to follow the natural posture. The pants have a wonderful fit.

The Perfectly Fitting Jeans

It gives the whole body a good look. It doesn't pinch, pinch or squeeze and gives us a comfortable space to be comfortable. We only radiate attractiveness when we feel completely at ease. We always say: "Better like a flower in a vase than a sausage in a skin."